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Welcome to a new school year

Welcome to the New School Year

At Our Shepherd we are aiming toward the way things are supposed to be. The theme verse for this school year is “Arise, and shine, for your light has come” (Isaiah 60:1). The prophet Isaiah encourages us to have a vision of hope and restoration. There is the darkness of sin shadowing so much of what we experience in this world. We recognize that the main problem with things as they are is sin. Not just sin of others but our own sin as well. We miss the mark, and we struggle to make our aspirations concrete and real. Because of our common faith in Jesus Christ, we trust there is a light to shine in the darkness.

I know the faith and teachings of Our Shepherd are not shared by everyone in the world, and that even personally we may struggle to figure out how the faith we have been taught fits into this modern world. Recently, I have been thinking more about how people around me do not always see the world with the same set of beliefs or understandings of what is right and wrong. The conflicts and confusions I experience are not just a matter of philosophical or intellectual differences but more significantly the loss of shared stories. People do not react the way I expect, and resolutions to conflicts seem farther away from me. 

The way we react to what is going on around us is largely about trying to figure out what story we think is being written in this world. Do we have an active part in writing this story or are we just an audience? At Our Shepherd, I want each student, parent, faculty and staff member to know they are a part of how God’s story is being written in our community. No one should feel like an audience member to the working of God.

Kip Fox is a Lutheran singer/songwriter. Fox wrote in 2011 the song “This Dust.” The chorus of this song captures for me the conflicts of the story of life in this world and how we still have a story to share with the world around us.

Death is all around us

We are not afraid

Written is the story

Empty is the grave

We can bravely face struggle and death because we know that God is writing a story of hope and promise. I pray that this school year we will share in this story of hope and promise. We will deal with struggles in our community and world during this pandemic, yet we will be the light by sharing story of Jesus. The most important truth of the Christian faith is that death has been conquered by Jesus. We will be the light that shines in the darkness. We believe in the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Be the light this new school year with confidence that God will be at work in our community.


Posted by Evan Gaertner