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The Bible is a book of Advents

Christian faith is getting worn down in Western culture because it has become the norm to separate God and spiritual forces from the world of senses. Religion is becoming compartmentalized to Sunday and church events. The relevance of faith to daily life is getting strained, and people are getting crushed by the modern pressure toward secularization.

The season of Advent is a time for us to remember that Jesus’ arrival into the world is the central theme of all Scripture. From the Old Testament to the New Testament to the present to the end times there is one unified Christian theology. There will be moments when we experience vast differences in how we see the world compared to how people in the biblical times saw the world. Even today people will live under different circumstances and experience daily life in very different ways. Advent is a church season when we rejoice that in all places and in all times God finds a way to bend our lives toward seeing him at work. With expectancy and readiness, we look for God.

Even while people live under the crush of secularization and struggle to imagine God is at work, we look with hope for meaning and purpose in our days. When you understand the Bible as a book of Advents, of arrivals, of God coming into the world, then you gain a greater sense of how God is still at work in this world delivering hope and promise into our days. This Advent season our midweek services, on December 1, 8, and 15 will take place at 4pm and 6:30pm. There will be a brief communion service offered after the 6:30pm Vespers prayer services. The midweek Vesper services will look at the many ways that God arrives in the Bible to deliver hope and promise into the world. As we rejoice with God’s activity in the Bible, we will be equipped to see God still works to deliver hope.

On December 1, we will rejoice at the different impossible birth stories in the Bible that show us that God works in the impossible moments to deliver a living hope. On December 8, we will see the impossible places where God was unexpected. We will rejoice that God arrives in the wilderness and reveals that God can come to the places abandoned of hope. On December 15, we will hope with certainty that God works through people to deliver his love into a world becoming dominated by hate. We will be equipped to see how God works through his servants to deliver love through the weak and struggling in this world.

Advent is a season that prepares us in body and soul to receive the arrival of God. Advent is a season that look forward to the birth of Jesus on Christmas. Advent is also a season that prepares us for the birth of faith in the lives of people who do not yet know God. Use this December as a time to break away from the crushing pressure to place God in a box that remains unopened and unused. Make your family rituals filled with opportunities to witness Jesus’ love arriving in this world. Open your heart and your life to witness Jesus at work in your daily life. You and I can marvel in moments of humility that Jesus was born to such a time as these days when sin and struggle make it hard to imagine God can be here among us sinners.

Posted by Evan Gaertner