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Renewing Our Shepherd Capital Campaign Update

As we enter into the final year of our 3 year capital campaign, some projects are complete, while others are in process or in final planning phases. 2020 saw the completion of significant roof replacement at both facilities, as well as some window replacement at the school. We also resurfaced the parking lot and driveway at the school in 2020. In 2021, we completed the remainder of the window replacement in both facilities. These projects were transformational, both in terms of aesthetics of our buildings, as well as in energy savings. As we enter the colder months, rooms are much warmer with our new double-pane windows.
Currently in process, is the renovation (and restoration, after significant flooding) of the church lower level. The scope of this project was enhanced due to flooding, as well as the desire to "seize the moment" and make the lower level restrooms handicap accessible. The mens and womens restrooms will be 50% larger, and the quilting room restroom will be twice its original size, as a private, family restroom. All will feature touch-free fixtures and diaper changing stations to serve the many ministries that involve children. The fellowship hall and classrooms will all have new ceilings and lighting, new wall treatments, and new flooring. There will be a combination of carpet and vinyl flooring throughout the lower level. When complete, we will have a beautiful new space to serve the next generation. Eventually, we plan for new furniture, and new audio-visual technology to enhance the meetings and classes that will utilize the space. We hope to have a usable lower level by early 2022.
The organ restoration is in process, and is hoped to be largely complete before this weekend, November 14.
Looking ahead, the final two projects of the campaign are the church parking lot and school restroom renovations. The school restroom project was put on hold in July due to inflated pricing and timing issues. We will put that out for re-bid in early 2022, with hopes of starting construction as soon as school is done in June. Final design is currently taking place with landscape, lighting and signage for the church parking lot. We hope to present our plans to the city in November/December for final approval, and put that project out for bid in January. This is another transformational project that is expanded from the original plan. The parking lot will feature landscaped islands with lighting, all new asphalt parking and concrete sidewalks, and new identity signage for our church. 
Original commitments to the capital campaign were approximately $2M. To date, we have collected approximately $1.8M, and spent approximately $1.8M. Project enhancements and cost increases have pushed our total project costs to nearly $3M. We are blessed to have other funds potentially available to complete our planned projects. Thanks for your continued support of the Renewing OS campaign. We anticipate collecting 100% of commitments, and welcome continued and additional gifts above and beyond original commitments so that we can prepare our facilities to serve the next generations for many years into the future! 

Facilities Updates

Extreme rainfall events have continued to plague us. In September, we experienced almost 4 inches of rainfall in one night. This rain overwhelmed the drainage systems on our school playground, and resulted in water intrusion into our gym. The end result was a failure of the wood floor in the gym. Replacement is underway, and it should be complete by January 1, in time for the very busy winter sports season. Working in harmony with the floor replacement,  we are also planning to update and replace some equipment on the school playground. Civil engineers have been retained, and additional drainage measures will be implemented on the playground to account for future extreme weather events.
Posted by Dave Priskorn