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Persisting in the Truth

Persisting in the Truth

In 1517, Martin Luther argued against the practice of buying or earning forgiveness. Salvation is a gift from God, and we receive the benefit of this gift through faith. This university professor from a small town in Germany sparked a reform in the church. He did not seek to cause a split in the church, but a return to the foundation of the Christian faith being established on the truth of the Word of the Lord. Luther recognized that the Word of the Lord had been silenced in the church. Where the Word of the Lord is muted, false and misleading doctrines are introduced. So that we might be kept on the right path of divine truth, we keep God’s Word ever before our eyes and upon our hearts. Biblical literacy is vital for the health of the church. Remain in the Word.

The enemy of the human race, the devil himself, continues to endeavor to scatter seeds of false doctrine and disunity. Every generation of faithful people in the church must learn to address harmful and aggravating divisions in church with the promises of God revealed in Holy Scriptures. When bonds of Christian love and unity are broken, there will inevitably be a time of accusation and disappointment. Slander becomes freely spoken. People cover up their own errors. Straying consciences are turned away from trusting in the Gospel and look for comfort in the beguiling fruit of pride. The devil will work to keep our eyes away from God. No matter how deeply intwined sin becomes in our lives, God remains our refuge and strength. God helps us in our times of trouble. The mighty fortress of our God is found in the Word. God promises to be present for you in this age of confusion. The Holy Spirit delivers us into clarity through the Scriptures.

With divine assistance, we remain and persist in the unwavering truth of the gospel of our Lord. When earth gives way and our footing in this world becomes uncertain, the Lord is with us. The answer to religious controversies that take place in this generation is the same answer that other generations have had to rely upon during their moments of struggle. On the basis of God’s Word we expose and reject false teaching. We confess the truth. We rely upon God’s grace to preserve us. 

The Lutheran church is a community of believers that gather around the promise that God is revealed for our salvation in Jesus Christ. We cannot believe in our Lord Jesus Christ through our own reason and strength. The Holy Spirit calls, gathers, and enlightens us to the true saving faith through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We trust in Jesus to be our redeemer from sin, death, and the devil. It is not our intention to cause any hardship or oppression for anyone holding to different views. Our disposition and intention remain directed toward being a people of faith, hope, and love. No one should feel they need to buy or earn their way into our community. Our community is a body of believers united in the repentance of sin and the promise of forgiveness in Christ Jesus.

Posted by Evan Gaertner