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Dill Pickles and Sauerkraut: Our Shepherd Family Stories

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Our Shepherd Family Stories
by Pastor Steve Woodfin

 Can God use anyone and anything to accomplish His purpose? Sure.

Wait…even dill pickles and sauerkraut?

Longtime Our Shepherd members Jim and Wanda Anderson would answer with an emphatic “absolutely!”

Hoping to assist with Our Shepherd’s Flood Bucket service project, Jim and Wanda recently stopped at Trevarrow Hardware with their "Flood Buckets to the Rescue" list in hand.  While there, they ran into Dennis Garbarz, owner of Trevarrow and also an Our Shepherd member.

Dennis had not yet heard about the ‘Flood Buckets’ list. After a brief conversation, Dennis asked, "Oh, so, you actually need five-gallon buckets?"  After Jim and Wanda confirmed that yes five-gallon buckets were exactly what was needed, Dennis asked, "Can you meet me at the back door?"  They pulled up  just as Dennis was putting out an incredible number of – you guessed it – five-gallon buckets.

As it turns out, the deli next door receives their pickles and sauerkraut in five-gallon buckets.  When the deli discards them, Dennis gathers them up, because, in his words, "you never know when someone might need a five-gallon bucket," When Dennis commented that they needed to be cleaned, Jim and Wanda were up to the challenge, and assured him they were very good at cleaning pickle and sauerkraut buckets. (As an aside, their garage smelled like a deli for quite a while).

Thanks to Dennis and his resourcefulness, Our Shepherd received many five-gallon buckets. Thanks to Jim and Wanda, they are washed and rinsed, dried out and aired out, all assembled into flood buckets. Thanks and praise to our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit, who creates opportunities, gives His gifts, and moves within His people to serve others with all we have – even pickles and sauerkraut.

Posted by Steve Woodfin