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Every Sunday morning, Hannah Walsh and  Karl Reading lead the Senior High students through topical Bible studies. During the COVID - 19 pandemic we are meeting over Zoom. All High School students are welcome to join. 
Meeting ID: 916 7274 5752
Passcode: OSteens

High School Teen night

All events are currently planned to take place outside (weather permitting) for September-December. You will be notified by email about any changes to the schedule. If you would like to be added to the youth email list, please send an email to  


Middle School Youth Night


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First Communion and Youth Confirmation

The First Communion and Confirmation programs at Our Shepherd are designed for children in the following grade levels:
First Communion: 4th - 9th grade
Confirmation: 7th - 9th grade


Scripture teaches that the best teachers and leaders of faith for children are their parents. See:
Numerous studies show children emulate their parents when it comes to church activity and assigning priority to the spiritual aspect of their lives.
"82 percent of children raised by parents who talked about faith at home, attached great importance to their beliefs, and were active in their congregations, were themselves religiously active as young adults. The connection is “nearly deterministic,” said University of Notre Dame Sociologist Christian Smith, lead researcher for the study."
Because of the profound and "nearly deterministic" impact of parents' faith practices on their children, which demonstrate the foundational truth of Scripture, Our Shepherd's classes for Confirmation and First Communion are designed for both parent and child to attend together. Time for sharing and discussion is provided so parents and children can talk about important aspects of their spiritual lives.

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on the First Communion and Confirmation programs at Our Shepherd for 2020-2021.

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Mark Nimtz

Director of Spiritual Education and Service