Why Choose Us?

Faith First

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds, all with a common goal.  What sets Lutheran school children apart from those in public schools is an interest in building their faith through religious instruction.  Grade school students learn from the positive example of their Lutheran classroom teachers and are taught to do the right thing by overcoming their imperfections.  Lutheran grade schools have behavior concerns just like every other school, only we approach these issues from a philosophy based on scripture and Christ’s teachings.  Not only does this instill high self-expectations among our students, but it also teaches that forgiveness is the key to building great relationships.

Lutheran schools are an investment in a child’s future career and in their eternity.  A quality academic education is an investment in preparing your child for high school and beyond, but when the academic education is enriched with faith-based learning, an investment is made in their eternal life.  There is great value in placing your child in an environment where God’s Word offers direction.


The ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) is taken annually by students in grades one through eight.  The three-year average composite percentile ranking for all grades combined at Our Shepherd has been at least 75%.  This means that Our Shepherd students have scored higher than 75% of all other students who have taken the test, nationally. Our Shepherd is ranked in the top three compared to other Lutheran Schools in the Michigan District.  In addition to the ITBS, students in eighth grade take the “Explore” test, which is given through the ACT testing program.

Students grades K-8 are offered extra-curricular activities: Music, Spanish, Technology, Physical Education and Art. 

Small class sizes build a family atmosphere. 

We offer small class sizes that help us build a “family” atmosphere.  It’s not unusual for teachers, staff, and students to know every other student in the school. The environment is small enough that children do not get lost in the shuffle. The manageable class sizes also help promote regular “one on one” time with students and teachers. 


Student safety is paramount. We take very seriously the responsibility that is extended to us when a family enrolls his or her child in one of our schools.  We work very hard to make sure student safety is planned, discussed, and practiced.  All school employees must pass the criminal background check through the State of Michigan.  Our school has a security system that involves cameras throughout the school and buzzers at the main entrance.  All other doors are locked, and students are instructed not to open them. 

Godly Digital Citizen

Equip. Engage. Encourage. Expand. 

Our students are instructed on appropriate use of technology and their responsibility to leave a Godly Digital Footprint. We model and encourage usage that will allow students to discover the world that God created and their role in it. Our students are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in high school, college and a part of God's Kingdom. Students work together and expand their learning environment to take learning beyond the classroom walls. We provide hands-on opportunities that allow students to take the reigns and experience the joy of exploratory learning. Each student in grades K-3 will interact and learn using desktop computers and iPads. Each student in grades 4-8 will create and collaborate using Chromebooks and desktop computers. 

 Our Technology Vision Plan

Strive for Excellence

Our Shepherd Lutheran School was established in 1956. This year we celebrate fifty-six years of quality education.  Students from 25 communities attend Our Shepherd.  About 76% of the student body is Lutheran, 23% belong to non-Lutheran congregations.  Currently, there are 240 children in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

Our Shepherd is accredited through the following organizations; The Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools, the Michigan District of Lutheran Schools, and the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation.

Our Shepherd students place in the top five of all Lutheran schools in Michigan.

Nutritious Lunches

The Our Shepherd Hot Lunch program is outstanding.  Our Shepherd has done away with the heat and serve processed lunch found at most schools.  We have gone back to the basics; making homemade, wholesome meals with fresh ingredients.