We join together to worship God because of the love He has shown us in His son Jesus Christ. As we worship we are assured of our forgiveness. By gathering we are responding to the love of God in Christ Jesus with our prayers and praise.


We are committed to nurturing one another through the study of God's word, Christian education, and living life together. We accomplish this by engaging in small groups and supporting one another through life's circumstances.


 We tell people about Jesus both through our words and actions. As our relationship with Jesus grows, our lives overflow with His love as we serve others. Our service to those in our community finds its source in God’s amazing grace.




Given our Mission & Vision as the foundation of Our Shepherd Lutheran School, students will:
Grow in their relationship to God through His grace, and live in obedience to His word.
Gain skills and motivation to learn and think with confidence and independence.
Earnestly study scripture, arts, sciences and humanities for a never-expanding knowledge and appreciation of God's word.
Experience God's love in relationships with faculty, staff, parents and peers.
Mature in personal responsibility and compassion for others.
Flourish in the midst of a demanding and changing world.


Our Shepherd Lutheran School is a co-educational Christian day school for children from preschool through grade eight. At Our Shepherd, we know that every child is a precious gift from God, and we strive to make a positive difference in the life of every student. With an emphasis on academic and spiritual development, our rigorous curriculum and ancillary studies encourages each child to grow their faith by maximizing his or her own unique gifts and talents. Together, with the family, we prepare our students for success in the classroom and beyond—by encouraging a deep understanding of God's great love for them— and a personal commitment to positive moral and social values.

For more than 50 years we have provided quality education in a Christ-centred environment. Our extraordinary faculty has a love of learning and is dedicated to demonstrating the highest level of teaching expertise. All of our teachers are qualified, certified, and well trained to provide instruction. Our Shepherd is a fully accredited Christian school—providing a superb education and a firm foundation in the Christian faith.