What is the maximum class size?

Our average class size is 20 students. The maximum class size is  25 students. 

 Is a private education really worth the price?

 Lutheran schools are an investment in a child’s future career and in their eternity.  A quality academic education is an investment in preparing your child for high school and beyond, but when the academic education is enriched with faith-based learning, an investment is made in their eternal life.  There is great value in placing your child in an environment where God’s Word offers direction. Small class sizes build a family atmosphere.  We offer small class sizes that help us build a “family” atmosphere.  It’s not unusual for teachers, staff, and students to know every other student in the school. The environment is small enough that children do not get lost in the shuffle. The manageable class sizes also help promote regular “one on one” time with students and teachers.

 Do you offer tuition assistance?

Yes, Our Shepherd is passionate about education and is pleased to offer a needs-based financial aid program through the Our Shepherd ASSIST Fund. The ASSIST Fund is supported by Our Shepherd Lutheran Church member donations and other sources. The needs-based grants are designed to help families meet educational expenses at Our Shepherd. To apply for an ASSIST Fund grant, families can submit applications through Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS), a third party, secure financial assistance processing company. TADS will review the application and recommend a grant based on the financial need and the amount of the ASSIST Fund. To apply for assistance complete the application online at www.tuitionaid.com.

In what ways can I get involved as a parent?

Our Shepherd encourages all of our families to get involved in the education of their children.  We are committed to you and our common goal to seeing your child develop all the gifts and talents God has placed in him/her. We have several different areas in which you can get involved: assisting teachers in the classroom, chaperoning field trips,  substitute teaching, volunteering for events and getting involved with our PTL.

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Do you offer Before and After school care? If so, what is the fee?

Our Shepherd ABC is provided on school days from 7:00am-8:10am and 3:15pm - 6:00pm to students in Grades K-5.  The program is as unstructured as possible to allow your child the creative play time that all children need. The children are supervised by qualified caring adults. The program is licensed by the State of Michigan. The children are encouraged in their creative play and art projects as well as their school work. This is an important time for the children to build their social skills by interacting in an informal setting with other children of all ages.

Fees for the 2019-2020 school year are $5/day for Before Care and $12/day for After Care.

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 My child has not been immunized. What if I am unable to get my child immunized before the enrollment deadline?

If you have made an appointment with your child's doctor, you may submit proof that you have scheduled your child to receive his/her immunizations. Once this has been completed, please mail or fax a copy of the school office. 

What if my child is doing well in one subject, but poor in another? Is there a tutoring program?

If your child needs a little extra help in a certain subject, you may request that the teacher give additional assistance. Tutoring fees may apply. 

Are there extra-curricular activities?

Our Shepherd have various opportunities to participate in the following extra-curricular activities:

Athletics for Grades 4th-8th
Drama Club
Student Council
Service & Safety Squad
Chess Club
German Club
Ski Club
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What level of experience/education is required of the teachers and staff of Our Shepherd? *** 

All of our teachers hold a current Michigan Teaching license. 80% of our teachers have earned their Master's Degree. 20% are working toward their Master's Degrees. 

There is a different cost for members and non-members.  What is your definition of a member?

Yes there is a cost difference. To receive Member Tuition rates, families must comply with the following three (3) requirements:

  1. Worship Attendance: Each day school family must attend at least 50% of weekend services at Our Shepherd Lutheran Church during the Measurement Period (September through March).
  2. Financial Commitment: Each family must have completed and submitted an Our Shepherd financial commitment card. 
  3. Involvement: Each family will commit to regular study of God's Word and be involved in at least one ministry of Our Shepherd.

 Is there a special education program?

Yes, Lutheran Special Education Ministries (LSEM) was founded in 1873. They are a recognized service organization of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  Their mission is to serve and enable children with special learning needs to receive a Christian education.  As a Christ-centered organization, we will: Reach across the United States (and beyond).  Serve schools and congregations. Enable children with special learning needs to know Jesus and to lead fulfilling lives. LSEM will provide instructional materials and consultation services that accommodate and support the children, their parents, and the teachers.  

 Is there Chapel? Who teaches Chapel?

Every Wednesday morning our students attend Chapel in the gymnasium. Each week there is a different speaker; teachers, pastors, & guests. Students are assigned a Chapel Family which is made up of students from all different grades. This is a great opportunity for students to get to know one another and for the older students to mentor the younger.