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Remain in the Love of God

Pastor Evan Gaertner | May 2, 2021

Being with God and remaining with God in this life happens through the love of God. Not everything that seems to represent the Spirit of God really does so. John reminds us to test the spirits. The Spirit of God brings us into the love of God and equips us to share this love with others. The false spirits work to pull us away from God, and they also work to pull us away from loving those whom God loves. We love because God first loved us. The false spirits of this age work to pull us away from God’s love. This weekend we will discuss how we test the spirits of this age. We are called to look carefully at whether or not a person’s behavior and words show that his spirit is inspired by God. Those who are deceived are themselves deceived. It is inevitable we will face the challenge of false spirits. John points us to steadfastness of faith as of prime importance. Remain in the love of God, and do not let the lies and deceits of this age pull you away from God.

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Gather, Nurture, Serve

Evan Gaertner| April 26, 2021

Gather, Nurture, Serve Gather - Our Shepherd Lutheran Church, School, and Childcare is brought into being by the...

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Jesus is our Salvation

Evan Gaertner| March 25, 2021

Psalm 62:6–8 (ESV)   6  He only is my rock and my salvation,  my fortress; I shall not be...

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We believe that one of the ways to become More Like Jesus is to serve. We also believe that one of the ways to grow deeper in your relationship with others involves not only serving others, but serving others together.

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