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Preach the Word

When I step up into the pulpit on a Sunday morning and preach God's Word, I undertake this task with a humble attitude. Here are some basic truths about the Bible that give us the confidence that God's Word delivers us into the promises of God.

Authority - The Bible is the inspired Word of God written to deliver us sinners to the good news of our savior Jesus Christ. God stands behind every statement, doctrine, and promise of the Bible. To this authority, we humble ourselves. To ignore the Bible is rebellion against God's authority. The confidence that God stands by the Word places a demand on me that I work through the passages that are not easily accepted by my intellectual categories, my personal experiences, or my social interactions. 

Efficacy - The Holy Spirit is at work in the Word of God calling us to faith. I rejoice in the power of God's Word to produce faith. Faith is not produced by the emotional strings I am able to manipulate. Nor is faith produced by how awesome I am in my preaching. I rejoice in the freedom from having to be the savior for people, and instead I get to share God's Word. I trust in the power of the Spirit to be at work in the Word of God (Romans 10). The effect of the passage is produced by the content.

Sufficiency - The Bible contains everything that is necessary for the ends and aims of the Holy Scriptures. Paul wrote to Timothy that the Bible is sufficient to "make us wise unto salvation" (2 Timothy 3:15). There are no problems in the Bible that require modern developments of doctrine or a new vision by a modern prophet. 

Perspicuity - The Bible is given in words that we can understand. The fountain of God's promises flow clear for people without the necessity of some great auror of the mysteries to interpret the Bible. We can confidently place the Bible into the hands of all without having to place fences around who is authorized to read the Bible.