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Christmas Eve Sermon - Risky Trajectory

God joins us in this world and we are saved because of Him with us. Because of sin we are headed the wrong direction. On our own we do not have the thrust to push ourselves into an optimal orbit with God. We are stuck in a suboptimal orbit. At times we will try to redefine the finish line so that we feel accomplished, but the truth is that we fall short.

When Jesus is born, we does not arrive into a world that has everything figured out. He does not join us on a victory that is already fixed. He joins the losing side. He joins us in our flesh and becomes reckoned with us as sinners so that we might be reckoned with him in his righteousness.

When Boening launched the Starliner capsule on the top of an Atlas V rocket on December 20, they expected success. Because of a failure to set the mission clock correct on the rocket, the capsule was doomed to never arrive to the International Space Station. The Christmas presents on the capsule never arrived, and the astronauts did not get the supplies they expected. NASA later explained that if a person had been aboard the capsule that the mission could still have been successful. A person in the capsule at the controls could have overcome the problem of being out of sync. The optimal orbit would have been reached with a person aboard the capsule. With Jesus Christ, our savior, in our flesh, we are able to reach unity with God. Without Jesus Christ, we will always fall short. Our trajectory is set to failure because of our inherited sin and our actual sins. Because of our faith in the righteousness of Christ, we are able to experience unity with God and reconciliation with each other.

Rejoice this Christmas that Jesus has become flesh, dwelled among us in our sin, and redeemed us who are under the law. Merry Christmas.

Posted by Evan Gaertner