About Us

Our Shepherd Lutheran Preschool program offers children ages 3 and 4 a theme-driven, play-based curriculum that encourages learning through self-discovery. We also begin laying the foundation for language, math, science and thinking skills. Our preschool is a ministry of Christian love to children, as well as a support to parents, in the nurturing and caring for their children. Our program of early childhood education promotes the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of young children. We would love for your family to become a part of our family.

Our Goals

  • Providing a loving Christian atmosphere.
  • Teaching children about God, themselves, and what it means to live a life of faith.
  • Witnessing to the child through Christian teachers who are interested in the development of the whole child.
  • Establishing a productive foundation for more formal education.

Provide Opportunities 

Provide opportunities to stimulate a child’s interest and need for exploration while discovering and creating. 

Foster Independence 

Foster independence, build self-confidence, encourage positive decision making and problem solving skills.

Spiritual Guidance  

Teaching children about God, themselves, and what it means to live a life of faith.

Growth in all Areas 

Provide opportunities for grown in all areas of academics, gross and fine motor skills and personal relationships. 


schedule a tour 

We welcome all potential families to join us for an Admissions Tour to find out more about Our Shepherd Preschool, to visit our facility, and learn about our programs.  Please contact our admissions office, at (248) 645-0551 to set up your tour, or fill at the form below.

Schedule a Tour 

Weekly Tuition Rates: 

5 Days- $245
4 Days- $220
3 Days- $180
2 Days- $140 
Limited AM only spots available. Please call for pricing. 



Join us for a fun-filled day!

Your child's experiences will be many and varied. They include Jesus time, songs, stories, devotions, prayers, free choice play time, snack, group music, movement, and teacher directed group activities and an art project. These activities all serve to enhance the lesson of the day. We believe the most effective learning is that which grows as a result of the child's own motivation.





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