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Parent Acknowledgement

5/8/19 | Resources, Childcare

    Parent Acknowledgment

    Parent Handbook

    I have read and fully understand the guidelines, policies and procedures set forth in the Our Shepherd Child Care Handbook. I will retain a copy of this handbook for future reference.

    Licensing Requirements

    The State of Michigan requires that individuals utilizing childcare facilities be informed of the following:

    1. Our Center maintains a Licensing notebook of all Licensing Inspection reports, Special Investigation reports and all related Corrective action plans to date for the facility.

    2. This Licensing notebook is available for review, by all current and prospective parents, during regular business hours.

    3. Licensing Inspection reports & Special Investigation reports from the past two years are available on the Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing website at www.michigan.gov/michildcare

    Pest Management

    As part of Our Shepherd’s integrated pest management program, pesticides and herbicides are occasionally applied. As a parent/guardian you have the right to be notified prior to these applications. An annual notice regarding our pest management program will be provided each September. Additionally, a detailed notification will be posted prior to each application date.